About Me



My name is Andrew Inocencio. I was born in California, raised in Washington State, and have lived in Mississippi, Germany, England, and New Mexico. I am a US Air Force veteran working with public schools and will soon work towards a degree to teach secondary English Language Arts.

I started writing at age twenty-four, after graduating from university with a degree in Environmental Studies. I was in the midst of trying to find a job and start my post-university life, but was struggling to get my foot in the door. I used to be shy as a kid, but once I got older I was no longer afraid to talk, but I was still very quiet by nature. Because I wasn’t much of a talker, writing became my way of expressing myself and making sense of life and the world around me. Funny thing is, I was not always interested in writing, and for most of my life, including high-school, actually pretty terrible at it. I always loved to read, but writing felt like a chore, something I didn’t want to do for fun. One day, however, when I was twenty-four, I had a sudden urge from an unknown source of inspiration to write. I didn’t know exactly what it was that I wanted to write but I grabbed a pen, put it to paper, and wrote my first poem called the gift of life.

I am thirty-two now, still writing poetry (hope to publish a collection in the near future) and have also started to write a collection of short stories. My goal for this blog is to describe my life as a writer, my work, my experiences, my processes, things I’ve learned, but also to connect with other writers around the world and share our experiences and love of writing.

A few other things about me:

Hobbies and interests: (besides reading and writing): hiking, tennis, golf, being near water (preferably the ocean), blues music, whisky, Dallas Stars hockey, The Twilight Zone, and daydreaming about living in Fairford, England.

Inspirations for writing: Rod Serling (my personal favorite), Quentin Tarantino, Kenneth Grahame, Willam Wordsworth, Robert Frost.

Books I’ve read this year: The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde); On Writing (Stephen King); The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt); The Glass Woman (Caroline Lea); How I Discovered Poetry (Marilyn Nelson).

Books I’m currently reading: From Green to Gold (Harold Enrico); Dream Class (Michael Linsin).